Learn Best Steps Of Meditation For Pain Relief

Pain is an upsetting feeling that occurs by the intense or damaging spur. It’s an annoying feeling. There are two types of pains 1 is acute and the other chronic. Acute pain suddenly comes because of some disease or injury. So, the disease can be diagnosed and treatment should take place. It mostly goes away with disease treatment but sometimes it stays for a longer time and turns to chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts for a long time of period and causes many problems.

Meditation for Pain Relief Technique;

Pain is the begin of every disease. Pain also helps to find what the problem is. If pain does not occur you can not come to know what wrong with your body. There are several ways to defeat the pain. Taking medicines or practicing some exercises and techniques. It helps for pain relief, Meditation technique works best for pain relief if you practice it daily for 20 minutes a day. Here I will describe meditation for pain relief exercise with easy steps that everyone can perform it daily to relieve pain.

1. Calm breathing 
2. Awareness
3. Body Scan
4. Noticing and accepting
5. Repeat a meaningful phrase:

Every step did not take more time and easy to perform;

1.calm breathing:

Take air into the lungs then expel it. Continue breathing for 2 minutes and try to do every time more deep, calm and slow breathing.


Be-aware from everything around you without changing anything. Match your clothes with your skin. Try to hear the voice and notice sounds around you. just try to focus on other things happening around you may or may not necessary.

3.Body Scan:

Focus on your body deeply. Do not focus on many things go through one by one. And start concentrating from 1 part to end, like starts from toes and slowly move upward. Notice how your body feels accordingly without changing anything.

4.Noticing and accepting

Accept every thought coming and try to move on from and observe your thought. Take space and do not try to rush yourself. Observe it without giving any change to it and accept every single thought.

5.Repeat a meaningful phrase:

Select one phrase or line that have some means to you. Have a piece of line or memory that can make you happy. Keep repeating it with every breath in and out and repeat it several times.

6.Take a Break:

After performing the above steps take a break. And repeat the process from the first step. And notice every change coming from exercise in your body. And do things additionally what can help you to change your mind from focusing on pain to other stuff.

*Before and After Meditation:

After performing these several steps you may feel some better. Take notice before starting and ending it, it will help you to not to focus on pain and trying to focus on other things happening around you. And do the stuff that makes you happy so your mind will set to work on the opposite side instead of focusing on pain.

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